Sunday, February 19, 2017

VIDEO: Rep. Jeremy Peterson's Spirited Town Hall Q and A

I held a mid-session town hall meeting last week to interact with constituents and offer a report of the bill files I am working on.  We had about 75-80 folks attend, including my wife and four daughters.  Many folks were from areas outside District 9 but who felt compelled to attend in order to offer their perspective on issues facing our state.  Also in attendance was my opponent in last years election, Kathie Darby.

Karen Thurber and John Hines ask questions during the town hall meeting.

The meeting touched on a broad variety of issues.  We recorded the entire event so you can watch for yourself what transpired and my responses some pointed questions.

Part 1

In part one we welcomed everybody and I offer a summary of all the bill files I am running this year.  The room quickly jumps into discussion surrounding my proposal to phase out rooftop solar tax credits.  Here is the first half hour of discussion:

Part 2

In the second part we discuss gerrymandering, funding halfway house reform, indigent defense, tone-deaf legislators, medical marijuana, intergenerational poverty, the Zion Curtain, funding education, and the Our Schools Now petition,

Part 3

In the third part, we enter a grand finale of questions touching on sex education, opiate addiction, the National Popular Vote, gridlock on 5600 S in Roy, Bears Ears Monument, and clean air,

A special thanks to all those who attended and participated in our conversation.  Even though we may not have seen eye to eye on every issue, I think we all came away from the event more informed and satisfied that our various viewpoints were able to be voiced and heard in the public square.  Look for another town hall meeting to be held after the Session ends in mid-March.


  1. Mr. Peterson, I want to thank you for having this town hall meeting. Others should be so brave, though there wasn't much contention after all. I appreciated the opportunity to hear your comments about various bills and your willingness to listen to other points of view. I also have to acknowledge that although we do not live in your district, we belong to a church that is located within the district.


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