Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 General Session Update: Week 4

The Ogden Arts Community visits with Rep. Peterson outside the Chamber doors.

Mr. Peterson's Bills

Week four was a flurry of debate and bill presentations. Here is an update on my bills' status:

HB23 - Rooftop Solar Tax Credit Phase Out - This bill passed the house with a 60-14 vote.  It passed the Senate Committee unanimously (even receiving the vote of Senator Dabakis) and is on its way to the Senate Floor.  You can watch the House Floor debate below:

HB24 - Student Prosperity Savings Account Tax Credit - This bill passed out of the House unanimously.  It also passed out of the Senate Committee unanimously.  It is on its way to the Senate Floor.  You can watch that brief floor debate below:

HB64 - Property Tax Relief Amendments - This bill passed the Senate with a unanimous vote and now goes to the Governor for a signature.

HB73 - Child Placement Amendments - This bill was presented to the Judiciary Standing Committee and passed out with a unanimous vote.  It now moves to the House Floor for debate.

HB158 - State House Boundary Amendments - This bill passed the House Floor and Senate Committee unanimously.  It now goes to the Senate Floor for a vote.

HB270 - Inmate Housing Amendments - This bill was heard by the Law Enforcement Standing Committee.  The committee was very interested in the bill and what it was trying to accomplish.  However, there are still many details to work out with the Corrections Department.  We will be initiating those meetings in the next week or two and working over the interim.  You can listen to the presentation HERE.

HB307 - Energy Innovation Research Grant Program - This bill was heard by the Public Utilities Standing Committee.  The committee liked the bill but had some reservations about the details of how the program would integrate with USTAR and current GOED initiatives.  The bill was held to give us time to work out the details.

HB318 - Recycling Market Development Zone Tax Credit Amendments- This bill opened up a pandora's box of questions from the Revenue and Taxation Committee.  We substituted the bill to end the income tax credit and swap it out for a sales tax exemption for recyclers.  It turns out that not only recyclers but manufacturers are using the income tax credit as well.  Interestingly, manufacturers are already benefiting from a sales tax exemption today.  So manufactures are getting double incentives!  These are incentives even recycling companies aren't getting right now.  We are digging deeper into this issue.  The bill was held as we get the numbers ready to submit to the committee for a rehearing.

Floor Debate - Defending Ogden's Good Landlord Program

Rep. Brian King presented a bill that would have destroyed Good Landlord Programs across the state. I offered an amendment to exclude Ogden City and West Valley City because they carry the State's Halfway House inmate burden.  My effort to amend the bill starts at the 4m50s mark.  The vote is a nailbiter:

My Town Hall Meeting

After watching Jason Chaffetz town hall and then seeing my political opposition and our local paper advertise my town hall meeting like it was a concert event, I got a little worried about what kind of experience it was going to be.  Fortunately, the people who attended were spirited but well mannered despite of our difference in views on the issues.  You can watch the entire town hall event here.

We are headed into the final three weeks of the Session.  Expect more excitement ahead!

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