Friday, February 24, 2017

2017 General Session Update: Week 5

An abbreviated week 5 is in the books.  This week was a consolidation of business before starting our final slog next week to the reach the finish line on March 9th.

To Pay Voter's Postage or Not to Pay Voter's Postage, That Is The Question  

My friend and colleague Rep. Brad Daw ran a bill that would notify voters if their mail in ballot was spoiled due to a mistake.  That was a great idea.  However, he also included a mandate that counties pay for return postage.  To me, that was a problem for several reasons.  You can watch my amendment to his bill and the debate it ignited on the House Floor.

Mr. Peterson's Bills

HB23 - Rooftop Solar Tax Credit Phase Out - Passed out of the Senate.  Ready for signature from the Governor

HB24 - Student Prosperity Savings Account Tax Credit - On the Senate board waiting for funding approval.

HB64 - Property Tax Relief Amendments - This bill passed the Senate with a unanimous vote and now goes to the Governor for a signature.

HB73 - Child Placement Amendments - This bill is circled on the House 3rd Reading calendar and will be debated first thing next week.

HB158 - State House Boundary Amendments - This bill passed the Senate Floor unanimously and goes to the Governor's desk for a signature.

HB270 - Inmate Housing Amendments - This bill will be discussed over the Interim.  We met with the Department of Corrections on Friday and had a very constructive conversation.  We are committed to crafting a workable plan over the summer.

HB307 - Energy Innovation Research Grant Program - This bill has been abandoned due to unexpected conflicts between GOED, OED, USTAR, and GOMB that were unable to be reconciled by the end of the session.   
HB318 - Recycling Market Development Zone Tax Credit Amendments- This bill is being sent to the Interim for discussion with stakeholders.  We will be meeting in late spring to finalize a proposal for next Session.  

Random Happenings

Rep. Brian King hosted Tom Perez who is running to preside over the DNC.  He seemed surprised we all were clapping for him.  Speaker Hughes told him we are a friendly bunch.  

Winner of the Most Awkward Bill Title Award

We met with PTA members from Weber and Davis Counties.  We heard a lot of concerns and answered a lot of questions. 

Mia Love visited our body and spoke for several minutes.  

Animal Print Friday is catching on at the Hill.  Garishly dressed men like Reps Mike Winder, Scott Chew, and Norm Thurston join the ladies to celebrate.  

If you are looking for a good investment, Sandbag Manufacturers may be a safe bet.  Look for a Spring flood as our snowpack reaches record levels.  

Citizen lobbyist Steve Barton of the Ogden Sierra Club (Ogden Is Awesome t-shirt) poses with pseudo-professional lobbyists Alan Dayton and Steve Hunter.  What do we all have in common?  We're all proudly from O-Town.  

Ending the Week

 Look for more tantalizing updates to come...


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