Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mr. Peterson's Record - General Session 2012

For those of my constituents wanting to know how I voted on the issues, here are 37 pages of my voting record this year in all its splendor.  For those few of you running against me in this years campaign, consider this as free opposition research.  - GRIN -

Voting Record 2012 - Jeremy Peterson

As always, let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Peterson, Jeremy Year End 299295 Expenditure 2/5/2011 -2087.46 PC Laptops New Laptop Computer

    Mr Peterson,
    I was looking up some things about your campaign account and noticed that you have purchased a new laptop in February of 2011. Can you explain why and this is just months after the Nov election. I would just like for you to share with me why at this time did you buy it. why the price and what is it used for.
    Thank you.

  2. Mr. Anonymous,

    Thank you for the inquiry. Yes, indeed, a new laptop was purchased in February 2011. At the time I made the purchase, the laptop that I used crashed during our session and became unusable. It should be noted that the state issues laptops for legislators to use but they are old, slow and clunky and are not up to the task of the massive databasing and computing that I do to keep my constituents informed and educated on what is happening. Given the fact that I needed the data on my computer to continue performing my legislative duties, the time pressures that were involved, and the fear of another crash on a future laptop, I went to PC Laptops because of their reputation for excellence in computing performance. My intent was not to have any more problems with a laptop in the future. That being said, the purchase was made and the laptop continues to serve to this day. I am typing this response to you from its keyboard. Best Regards. Jeremy

    1. Mr./Ms. K Anderson,
      I got your message late last night. Good questions and I will answer them all. However it would be best to answer them all in person or via a lengthy phone conversation. Go ahead and call me at 801-390-1480. Thanks!

  3. I'm not saying it's wrong or it's right, but it seems that you follow the party right down the line.

  4. David,

    Party affiliation isn't represented in these vote counts. However, I know many independent groups (special interest, newspapers, etc.) that keep score cards on this kind of stuff.

    I did vote for an amendment to keep a Democratic seat on one of the task forces when a bill sponsor moved to allow the elimination of minority party participation entirely in that task force. Yet, even though that amendment failed in the House, the Senate put it back and we ultimately concurred with their changes.

    My take on it was that we need minority participation just to have good governance. It would be inappropriate for the majority to use its power to completely exclude a legitimately elected minority voice from the task force. Besides, in 50 years we may have different political parties and names and who knows who will be the majority and/or minority. It just made sense to give the minority a seat at the table...albeit a small one.

  5. What you said "It just made sense to give the minority a seat at the table...albeit a small one".
    I understand that there are no democrats in the legislature north of Salt Lake. Do you think that this equal representation. do you feel that there are enough check and balances in place, when you all think that same way.

  6. Mr./Ms. Anonymous,

    Yes. I was elected by Republicans and Democrats so I do believe this is equal representation.

    If you think that all Republicans think the same way you haven't been looking at the record hard enough.

    Whenever there is a super majority there tends to be factions and cliques in the legislature. Sure enough, the idealogical spectrum is broad in the current legislature despite party affiliation. You have conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans mixing together left of center in their votes. The Trib or Deseret News has a score card showing this phenomena from 2011.


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