Wednesday, April 4, 2012

THE BIG CHANGE: Population Metamorphosis and Policy Making

At the 2012 WFRC Consortium, we were presented with many interesting fact about Utah's demographic future.  Here is the slide show with charts and graphs that were were shown:

Consortium WFRC 2012 Data Slides

Quite fascinating statistics.  The presenters also took a live poll using a handheld voting device we were all given.  Here are the results of their questions and the answers:
Consortium Polling Results
The question results that made me laugh had to do with where people were from in the audience.  The overwhelming majority of us answered "Government".  Ha!  So, with that being said, I have to suggest that the market related answers given are biased and another poll should be given to developers and consumers alike.  After all, they tend to decide what kind of housing they will build and pay for with their own money.

The questions that remain to be answered are how the free marketplace and urban development will dovetail together to meet the needs of Utah's surging and changing population.  

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  1. Rep. Peterson,
    You identified one of the issues at play in Wasatch Choice for 2040: it's the market that will drive the choices we make in the future, and one role of government is to facilitate, not impede, market forces. For example, the demographic changes that Professor Perlich discussed will have a huge impact on housing preferences; the market (e.g., private developers) will respond to those preferences.
    We hope that more people from the private sector will engage in the Wasatch Choice fr 2040 Consortium as we go forward.
    Andrew Gruber


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