Saturday, March 10, 2012

Utah 2012 Legislative Unwind: The Jack Wagons

Traditionally, after midnight on the last day of the General Session, the body spends about an hour unwinding through gag-gift giving and singing songs.  I had the opportunity to participate in this year's program playing lead guitar.  Here is video of our performance as Mikey and the Jack Wagons.  Mike Noel on rhythm guitar and vocals, Brad Dee and Curt Webb on vocals, Neal Hendrickson on bass, and of course myself.

When I was just a young boy my mama said hey son
Don't be a politician, don;t ever file to run.
But I didn't listen to her, I went ahead and filed.
Now I'm stuck in Salt Lake City, this place will drive you wild.

When the D's all need a spokesman, they look to Brian King.
He'll talk for half an hour man, and never say a thing
And on our side there's Ivory, he can talk a streak.
But ask him 'bout EROTIC, and he can hardly speak.

McCay has fathered children, more may yet arrive.
Takes 'bout thirty seconds, or maybe Thirty-five.
You'll need a class on Sex-Ed, don't take your class from Bill
He'll teach you all the "knowhow", but you don't get the thrill.

Consent is where your bill is, you're thinking "hey that rocks"
Unless your name is Peterson, and you've offended Cox.
Nielsen likes to lecture, we take advice from Jim,
If we'd just read the bills man, then we would vote like him.

Hughes is not accustomed, on bills that he promotes
To spending so much energy and gettin' so few votes.
I know I had it comin', I shoulda never run
 My bills are all a dyin', this really ain't no fun.

You visit Mathi's farmyard, you eve tote a bale
But don't you take no pictures man, you'll land your butt in jail.
So next year during Session, be careful what you do,
Cause if you jack's a wagon, we'll write a verse 'about you.

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