Friday, February 17, 2012

Tid Bits of Widsom: Lessons From The House Floor

It has been an interesting week and I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do at the Capitol:


Public praise and private censure are the best policy.  I have watched some Legislators publicly criticize the body or their colleagues. There is no faster way to lose favor (and support for your ideas) than to make this a regular practice.  Admonishment is best handled privately.  This advice applies to Legislators as well as most other leadership position including bosses, parents, managers ect.  In contrast, public praise is always an excellent way to build moral, garner support, and move forward in a positive manner.

Anger Management

I learned long ago that email can be a real detriment to relationships when written in anger.  This week several lobbyists burned their bridge when sending untruthful information about legislators whom voted against their wishes.  Also, I watched a colleague react poorly to a conversation that did not end the way he wanted. He overreacted and those actions later negatively affected bills he wanted to pass.  Proper restraint is necessary to maintain the relationships which are the key to our own success.

Social Calendar

This year's Session has been much more enjoyable in many ways.  One thing I have chosen to do differently this year is to minimize my attendance at after-hours social gatherings.  Instead, I have headed home to spend time with wife and kids.  That has been good for both me and the family.

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  1. Jeremy,

    I appreciate the honesty of your posts. It seems very few legislators are willing to share such thoughts about some of the dark side of the "process".

    I've only been actively involved in speaking to public issues for a few years, yet the snippet you give about retribution is all too real. Your suggestion that it is wise to hold back criticism is well considered. Too often the mouth (or fingers) give way to flames which burn those bridges which should be a constant goal for us to construct, rather than to destroy as a statement of dissatisfaction.

    Thanks for reminding that we need to speak softly and perhaps leave that big stick for our private conversations....


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