Friday, February 24, 2012

Bill Surprises 2012

This week I had a couple surprises and some learning experiences.

The first surprise came from an effort of one of my colleagues to pull my bill from the express lane and slow down its hearing.  This, despite a great effort was made by myself and, more importantly, the committee members who hear the bill.  I won't detail the drama of the situation here, but I was able to use a rare parliamentary procedure to expedite the hearing and overcome the challenges to the bill.

In other drama, a bill was heard today regarding the Good Landlord Program as it has been implemented in various cities across the state.  The problem is that several cities have abused landlords through licensing fees and gouged them in regards to the program.  A bill was proposed today that would essentially gut the good landlord program.  Unfortunately, that would bode poorly for Ogden's neighborhoods and take Ogden backwards.  I put the bill on hold in committee so we can have an opportunity to find a workable solution over the weekend.

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