Friday, March 1, 2013

My Vote Against HB76 - Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments

Today we voted on the much anticipated "Constitutional Carry" gun bill.  We first debated the bill Wednesday when the debate was put on hold for the bill sponsor to speak with some stakeholders on the issue, including the Governor.

Today we resumed debate.

The bill as substituted today makes it legal for a gun owner to carry a concealed weapon without a concealed weapon permit as long as the gun is "unloaded".  When I polled the floor on Wednesday, I counted 40 FOR and 35 AGAINST the bill.  With today's compromise substitute, the bill passed with 50 FOR and 18 AGAINST.

During Wednesday's debate, I struggled with support for the bill because it eliminates the requirement that concealed weapons permit holders take a training class as they do under current law.  Interestingly, today's substitute makes no change on this issue either.  I feel that current law is adequate and that we should not attempt to change something that is working properly. When the debate paused Wednesday, I took some time to poll my constituents.  Here are the results:

I sent 420 emails and received 61 responses.  I asked folks how they felt on the issue and why?  The responses were surprisingly consistent.  Overwhelmingly, District 9 constituents prefer that concealed weapons permit holders take training to obtain their permit.

For instance, here is an excerpt from an email from David:

I am a life member of the NRA and I have a concealed carry permit for Utah.  I have been concerned that this bill opens the door too wide, and makes more opportunities for gun opponents to go after our laws.  I also feel that anyone wanting to carry a firearm can afford to take the simple course required to get a permit.  The permit system we have is great, and I can easily buy quickly without hassle by having it.  Utah is considered a model state for firearms laws, and let's keep it that way.

This sentiment was echoed across the the responses I received.  A significant portion of the emails were from concealed carry permit holders.

If you have questions or need to contact me for any reason, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL.  I look forward to Representing our District in many more of the important issues we will be voting on over the next couple of weeks.


  1. Thank you for your thoughtful vote in this matter.I do not feel lessening the requirement of training will help the state of Utah in any manner.

  2. This bill does open the door wide....for liberty!

  3. Glad I could be one of those responses. Thanks for listening.

  4. I responded to one of your emails stating that I thought this bill was good and we should not require permits. After reading some of the debate points and your email excerpt above, I am happy you voted the way you did. This bill did open the door too wide. A point I never thought about until now.

  5. Thank you for your vote. I believe that training is necessary if one intends to carry a firearm, concealed, open or otherwise. The present concealed carry laws of the State of Utah are, in my opinion, adequate for the needs of the citizens of this State. Training is key to help citizens avoid erroneous shootings that put all of our rights in peril should a "bad" shoot occur because of a lack of knowledge of State and Local laws.

  6. You have shown wisdom with your vote. The State requires 12 hours of instruction, a final written exam and a shooting evaluation for hunter safety. Why would we want anything less for those carrying handguns . . . it would seem that a 4 hour course of instruction for a concealed permit would not be to much to require.

  7. You are a good politian jeremy. Although not my representative, you make me proud.

  8. My problem is not with the training aspect of the requirement to get a permit. It is that having a permit identifies one as a gun owner and makes confiscation simpler. Besides, how well-trained does one really get with 12 hours of instruction?


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