Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Balance on the Rails: HB 70 - Utah Railroad Museum Amendments

Weber and Box Elder Counties are home to Utah's and the Western States' great railroad heritage.  When the golden spike was driven into the rails at Promontory in 1869, it set off a wave of development in Northern Utah that culminated in Ogden becoming one of the great cities of the era.

To protect this heritage, a state Railroad Museum Authority was established in 2010.  The Authority was designed make decisions to help preserve the story of the railroads and also make this aspect of Utah history available to the public.

The governing board was created by a Senator and Representative from Box Elder County.  Their intentions were good.  However, membership of the board was ultimately underrepresented by Weber County.  HB 70 corrects this uneven distribution of participants to adequately represent both counties on the governing board equitably.


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