Monday, December 3, 2012

District 9 Committee Assignments 2013-2014

I received a call from Speaker Lockhart today with my assignments for the 2013 Legislative Session. 

Standing Committees:

Political Subdivisions - VICE CHAIR - I have served on this committee for the past two years and have enjoyed the subject matter that comes before us.  We deal with land and title issues as well as municipal and county governance.  We also hear topics related to election law and points related to the political economy in general.  I was notified that I will be promoted to serve as Vice Chair of the committee  which will be an exciting new opportunity. 

Business and Labor - This committee deals with many exciting issues relating to government interaction, regulation, and interference (-cough-) in the marketplace.  Since the decisions made by the committee deal with issues that have such a significant impact on the economy and commerce, I look forward to voicing my opinion to help to keep our government within its proper bounds.  

Appropriations Subcommittee:

Business, Economic Development and Labor Appropriations - I have also served on this committee the past two years.  We oversee and fund an interesting medley of departments and programs including the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, homeless initiatives, USTAR, Department of Commerce, and more.  Many of our programs actually generate a profit for the taxpayer.  I look forward to continue making a difference by focusing taxpayer money to generate the best return on the dollar. 


Speaker of the 3rd House - I am not quite sure what I did to deserve this position but I accepted it anyway. Perhaps it is my dry comedic stylings or my personal fascination with doilies and cutlery.  Regardless, I will be in charge of the House social calendar, evening events, and the Speaker's Dinner.  So don't be surprised if the House is graced with the soothing tunes of blues/funk/rock music during dinner or I hire a bunch of mimes just to add an avant-garde edge to the event...or both.  

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