Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Poverty Matters: Kids Living On The Dole

The poverty issue is a big deal for my district.  Our Intergenerational Poverty study that we received several months ago illustrates the problem we are facing with families continuing to live off State welfare generation after generation. 

The data was finally put into a map illustrating the problem statewide.  Here is the map:

Intergenerational Poverty Map - Utah 2012
As you can see, my home zip code 84401 is one of the top six zip codes in the state for kids living in poverty.  While Roy has a most 53 kids who are the 2nd or more generation in their family receiving welfare assistance from the state, downtown Ogden has at least 1160.  

This may help explain some of the urgency I assign to this issue.

Look for some legislation on this topic to be discussed in the near future.  

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