Tuesday, October 9, 2012

VIDEO: Jeremy Peterson vs. Neil Hansen

Ten candidates, including myself, had an opportunity to introduce ourselves and answer questions in a panel format at the Women's Legislative Council's Meet and Greet yesterday evening.  Here is a video of my introduction:

And for balance, here is video of my opponent, Mr. Hansen:

Please forgive the video quality on Mr. Hansen's segment as my wife was stuggling to keep the kids quiet and lost focus on keeping the camera trained where it should be.  Nevertheless, this side by side comparison is an appropriate way to compare and contrast the candidates.  If applause is any indicator of audience favor, I gladly accept the accolades.
The rest of the evening was mostly civil with some barbs being exchanged between a few Democrats and Republican Majority Leader Brad Dee.

The hosts of the event asked questions that were proposed by members of the audience.  Most of the questions were for the Weber County Commission candidates.  However, things got interesting once they opened up discussion to questions asked to the Legislators.  Topics ranged from immigration, education, taxes, and the final question being dropped on us about same-sex marriage.

I thought the format was great and provided a lively discussion of ideas and viewpoints.  I hope that future speaking events are of a similar format. 


  1. Jeremy: Vote for me because I have good ideas and done good stuff

    Neil: Vote for me because I am not a Republican

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. That is funny. Jeremy way to go and I give you all the accolades for having your wife do just a fine job of recording. I think you are the best and that if the people of this district can't see a young guy such as yourself with very limited experience in the political process, they really are missing the boat. Because that is what I want. Someone that is not told what to do and can tell Brad Dee where the wood shed is.
    Great job! Jeremy would you please tell me why you ran the bill HB 383. Is something that comes from your experience of rehabbing buildings and you could see that there was a problem with the law?
    Can you account to me, what that is all about?
    I look forward to your reply.

  3. 2012's HB 383 was a technical rehash of 2011's SB187 sponsored by Senator Bramble: http://ogdeninsights.blogspot.com/2011/03/zoning-enforcement-relief-from-hill.html

    The problem was that SB187 put changes in the code in the wrong place. City zoning and code enforecment officers could not "see" the changes because they were not in the right title of the code. I discovered this while talking to an Ogden city official about a seismic code bill I was working on. At the time he was completely unaware of SB187's changes which meant the bill was completely ineffective and not being enforced.

    The law is only as good as it's enforecement can be.

    So, I set off to correct the problem. To help address safety concerns I included participation from the State Fire Marshall when writing the bill. He spoke in support of the bill at committee.

    The gist of the bill was to prevent expensive, risky, and unnecessary repairs to properties of a particular vintage and/or use. Provo City was a major abuser which spurred Senator Bramble's original bill. But, Ogden had been spotty and inconsistent in its enforcement of the provision as well. I bumped into evidence of this capricious behavior while wearing my Realtor hat and saw it's erratic effects. Thus, my interest in laying the issue to rest through proper enforcement and making the technical correction.

    I hope this helps clarify some things.

    You can read the bill here: http://www.le.utah.gov/~2012/bills/hbillenr/HB0383.pdf


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