Saturday, March 12, 2011


Having completed one of the most intense experiences of my life while at Capitol Hill, I would like to take a moment to publicly thank several individuals:

Speaker Becky Lockhart - For allowing the freshman class to spread their wings and find their voices on the Hill.  Whether it was freshmen Republicans walking off the farm and supporting Democrat sponsored legislation, rallying opposition against senior member's bills, or speaking way too long and too often on the floor, it was a great experience for me and I know it was a great experience for my freshmen colleagues.

Luz Robles - For having the tenacity and spirit to push forward a sensible piece of legislation despite the insurmountable odds.

Rhonda Menlove - For being accessible and willing to help us know who to talk to and how to get things done.

The Sutherland Institute - For taking on a controversial issue and doing so in a way that was constructive to the debate and provided a grounded voice in a sea of shrill criticism.

Ron Gordon - For putting up with my attitude and freshman foibles while we hammered out good law enforcement policy.

Steve Thompson and Eric Stein - For walking through the process together as we tested the minds of policymakers and understanding that patience is a virtue when trying to move mountains.

Paul Rimmasch - For being willing to bring forward a major concern and help make a law to fix it.

Jon Greiner - For telling me how it is and being right.

Ryan Wilcox - For being a great mentor and teacher and also for filtering his feedback to me with such carefully couched remarks like "Oh no! Jeremy, what have you done?!?" 

Brad Dee - For tolerating my shenanigans and the raw potatoes I put on your desk...yes that was me.

Dan Thatcher - For rescuing one of my bills from sudden death.

Brad Daw - For handling our Transportation Committee with dignity and leadership.

Curt Webb - For making the Political Subdivisions Committee a fun and enjoyable experience.  

Jim Neilson -  For seeing through my "bleeding heart" to know there is a conservative lurking inside.

Jennifer Seelig - For teaching me proper decorum and demeanor...ha!

John Dougall - For watching out for my bills even though I lack the same libertarian stripes.

Fred Cox - For making me smile by saying whatever is on his mind whenever its on his mind regardless of context or setting.

Todd Kiser - For being tactful and graceful in cutting government in the face of budget constraints.

LaVarr Christiansen - For teaching the freshmen how to reserve the right to make a motion to amend.-grin-

Francis Gibson - For teaching me that not all is as it seems.

Lee Perry - For being a great chair mate during our first session together.  

Thanks again.  The session was the best teaching experience I have ever had and I look forward to a productive and enjoyable work session next year. 

Best regards to all!


  1. Thank you! Thanks for your hard work and keeping us all informd on the issues and bills. Good luck to you in your sophmore year. Thanks for the blog.

  2. I agree Speaker Lockhart gets a big Thank You. It was a lot of work but it was fun. I look forward to seeing you soon.


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