Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ENDORSEMENT: Ken Ivory For Utah State Senate District 10

Ken Ivory is a bright mind and articulate communicator who benefits from an enormous catalog of knowledge that has amassed from his life experience. 

During Ken’s service in the House of Representatives, he took a course far from the norm for freshmen legislators by sponsoring substantive and paradigm-shifting bills while also engaging in heated debates on fundamental issues such as state’s rights and fiscal responsibility. 

Ken also was able to forge working relationships with those he agreed with, but also more importantly, those he disagreed with.  He has the rare ability to respectfully disagree without reducing those differences to personal acrimony. 

It is my belief that the people of Senate District 10 deserve someone who can vocalize what they believe and back it up with the facts.  Ken Ivory is that man and I support his bid for Senate District 10.  I encourage all to examine his life, his record, and his character where I am confident he will be determined the most viable and worthy candidate.

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