Monday, January 10, 2011

Whoops! Shapeshifting Map Renders Rep. Frank Flummoxed

A bombshell was dropped on the House of Representatives this evening as it was disclosed that Representative Craig Frank has been mistakenly living outside of his legislative district for almost two years. 

The narrative indicates that Rep. Frank consulted Utah County maps showing that land he was purchasing to build a home was inside his district 57 boundaries at the time. Unfortunately, it appears that the maps he was presented were outdated and erroneous.

However, one question that is not being asked is how were his neighbors, who also live outside district 57, able to vote for him instead of the representative of the district they actually live in?  It is my understanding that up to 2,500 people in that Utah County neighborhood voted in the race for district 57 believing that they lived in that district.  If this is the case, then Utah County has some embarrassing questions to answer as to how they allowed something like this to occur.

It also makes the case for a special session to correct the boundary mistake if indeed the voters believed they were casting votes for an eligible candidate because he lived in their neighborhood of which they believed to be part of district 57.  It's important to note that the only way that the voters and Rep. Frank believed they were in district 57 was due to Utah County actions.  Otherwise, the ballots would have had the correct names on them and the maps would have been correct.

This appears to be is a very serious and embarrassing county level fumble. 

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