Friday, October 1, 2010

Thoughts on Life and Death

In the course of work and campaigning I have the opportunity speak to people that I only get to communicate with every couple of years.  It is interesting to see how life changes for each of the people that I meet over that time and how quickly life's circumstances can rearrange themselves.

There have been several occurrences this week that have caused me to pause and take an inventory of how I am living my life:

On Monday I received a phone call from the wife of Mark, a client that I have been working very closely with over the past year.  Mark and I had been shopping for homes last week and I had emailed him on Saturday.  Mark's wife called to tell me that he had fallen 30 feet off a ladder and sustained significant, likely life altering, head injuries.  Mark is a man in his prime with adolescent children and at the peak of his career.  Out thoughts and prayers are with him.

On Tuesday, Chester Bolingbrook, a former bishop in our ward and a longtime fixture of our neighborhood passed on after several years of ill health.  Chester and I had an extensive conversation just last month in the foyer of our church building.  He was a good man and despite the inevitability of his passing, its always poignant when it happens.

Finally, yesterday while campaigning I stumbled upon the home of the Pratt family whom I have worked with in the past on real estate related issues.  Two years ago I was informed that Don has passed on.  When I knocked on the door and asked for Lenora, I was informed that she has passed on as well.  Both of these neighbors were in their 50's.

I related these experiences to a good friend yesterday and the impact they have had on me.  We are all at the mercy of that Great Creator who is the chief arbiter of our lives.  Often, we don't know what plans are in store for us.  The old adage comes to mind: Man Proposes But God Disposes.  It's my hope that I live life it in such a way that my fellow men can say that I lived honorably, my wife and children can say that I loved them, and that I am worthy of peace and rest in the hereafter.  

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