Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Q and A on Mr. Hansen's Record

In response to this post card I recently mailed to voters I received the following question from a "Chancy":

Jeremy, I just got my a post card from you in the mail, why are you lying about Rep. Hansen by saying "he has been totally ineffective in our legislature."
Are you telling me he has done totally nothing as a state rep.?

Excellent question Chancy. Thank you for the opportunity to expound on this issue.  First, I think it would be appropriate for us to define the word "effective".  In this instance, effectiveness can be described as a Legislators ability or capacity to write, submit, and have legislation passed into law.  It seems that this would be an appropriate definition since a Legislators ability to craft legislation that benefits his district would be of importance to voters and the interests of those living in that particular district.

Now, for the record, the average Democratic legislator (being in the minority party at present) passes roughly 40% of their proposed legislation each year.  In 2008, our current legislator, Mr. Hansen, only passed 5.8% of his proposed legislation.  Mr Hansen's career record for the past 12 years is approximately 12%.

By this definition Mr. Hansen has been ineffective.

Now, I am not one to propose legislation just for legislation's sake. Ideas should be proposed and put forward only if warranted.  But, being able to pass a worthwhile piece of legislation should be of paramount importance.  In this case it appears, based on the record, that our current representative would be unable to do so even if the legislation was of superior quality and worthy of passing.

I won't digress on why this is the case but my point is simply to draw attention to the record at hand.

If anyone has any further questions please feel free to post.


  1. It seems that this would be an appropriate definition {I guess you are the real authority of this definition} since a Legislators ability to craft legislation that benefits his district would be of importance to voters and the interests of those living in that particular district.

    Well that is what you think, I wish you had the truth of the matter, which is Hansen has been representing this district twice as long as you have lived in it. You should really do your home work. I don't think you have any Idea of what the real Job of a state Representative is.
    I would bet that had you been at the legislature on the last day of the session that you would have stood up and applauded that pedophile Keven Garn with all your other members of the Republican party.

  2. One other question Jeremy.
    Where is the elephant on you campaign. Are you ashamed of being a Republican?

  3. Chancy. What is your address. I would like to swing by your home while I am door knocking tomorrow.

  4. Chancy, I will look for you in north bound traffic on Wall Ave. :) Thanks!

  5. You are going to run me over. WOW!

  6. It seems Mr. Peterson is referring to Chancy's address, not actual traffic.

  7. Christie, you are correct. There is no such address in maps puts it in in the middle of Wall Ave. NOTE: Future comments are being moderated so we don't get into this sort of silly banter moving forward.

  8. Ogden needs strong representation right now. Mr. Hansen's record has been anything but forward-thinking. Where has he been in the numerous public meetings on the streetcar issue? Nowhere to be found. Where has the funding, the legislation, the encouragement to move Ogden forward been the past 12 years? Absent. Despite Mr. Hansen's neglect of community involvement, Ogden is still far better off than it has been in decades. Crime in the central city just dropped another 5.9%. Looking forward to real representation with Mr. Peterson.

  9. Chancy, it sounds more like you are bashing Jeremy just because he is a Republican rather than pointing out what Neil has actually done for Ogden. I've lived here for 15 years and I have not heard of one good thing that Neil Hansen has done. However, I do see that he runs for almost any public office that he can so that he can get a paycheck. We have politicians like that in the state as well as in national government. They need to go. Anyone who has serverd more than 2 terms in public office needs to step back and reconsider why they are there.

    Neil got upset when it was proposed that the State legislators decided not to vote a raise that year. Why is Neil doing this. He obviously is not concerened with day to day business in Ogden, but it appears he is only out to collect a paycheck. Don't get me wrong, I like Neil and his family and know them personally, but he just isn't doing his job, or any job for that matter. Like Jeremy's card says, "he's a nice guy but..." Time for all the nice guys, D or R, to step aside.

  10. Great analysis, Jeremy. The bottomline is Ogden has no voice. Ogden is just a silent observer at the table, beholden to the interests and desires of the other cities at the table that DO have voices.

  11. Chancy:

    Because Mr. Hansen has represented the district doesn't mean he has been effective! I represent your district of 103 27th, it is the address of the Brass Rail Bar, and I can tell you he, Mr. Hansen is one of the most ineffective legislators in the entire State Of Utah from personal experience. I know he didn't get a single piece of legislation through in 2010. He may have got one bill through in 2009 but for the most part he spends his time maligning Ogden the district he represents! I ran a gang bill a few sessions ago and Mr. Hansen spoke against the bill and voted against the bill. The problem was the bill he spoke against and voted against wasn't the bill before the House. Mr. Hansen got confused because he had been playing solitaire on his computer according to his friends who sit next to him. I calling you out and challenging you to prove me wrong. I support the statement by Mr. Peterson that Neil Hansen is an ineffective state legislator and has been his entire tenure representing Ogden and you.


    Senator Jon Greiner


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