Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Abagail Adams and Why I am Running for Office

The Abagail Adams Project is an organization which aims to be a clearinghouse of information on candidate positions on various issues.  I filled out their questionnaire and also gave an explanation for why I chose to run for House District 9.

Here is the questionnaire (click to enlarge):

Keep in mind that some of these questions were somewhat loaded so if you would like clarification on a specific issue please email me or call.

On why I am running:

I am running because I believe that life, liberty and the persuit of happiness are best achieved when the people are able to pursue their own best interests while unimpeded by the "good intentions" of government.  I believe that effectiveness matters and I present myself as the effective, responsive, and enthusiastic alternative in this year's District 9 Race.  If elected, I will work to abolish the state sales tax on food as it is an affront to common sense and the well being of our fixed-income and low-income citizens.  I will also work to address illegal immigration in a fair but rigorous way to promote secure border, enforcement of existing laws, and demand accountability from our immigration system.  In conclusion, I feel I deserve the support of the people because, as a business owner, I know the issues that affect our community and I am prepared to do the hard work necessary to give Ogden its voice back at Capitol Hill.

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