Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/11 Meeting at the Park

I had the opportunity to attend a Republican get together on the 9/11 anniversary this last Saturday. Among those present was representative Rob Bishop.

He had the opportunity to speak to us and his message was quite uplifting.

He talked about America's history of being underestimated by the world:

1. Colonial era British thought that nothing of lasting value could be built in America due to its high temperatures and humidity.
2. The world thought that America would never recover from the Civil War and that we would be subdivided.
3. Hitler thought that a racially diverse America could never muster the strength to defend itself against a refined European military machine.
3. Intellectual thought of the 70's capitulated to the idea of Soviet economic dominance and a free-world compromise with communism.

He then went on to explain that America has a long history of disappointing its critics and that despite our current challenges, we shall prevail again as a nation.

I think the big question to be answered is: How?

Hard work, fortitude, innovation, and orderly living are likely the answers.  May we all do our part to keep our nation great!

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