Friday, March 19, 2010

Neil Hansen: Clanking Pans and Pointing Fingers

My opponent in the race to represent District 9, Mr. Neil Hansen, called a press conference by himself yesterday to raise a clamor.  Here is KSL's report:

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Mr. Hansen's comments are unfortunate. He appears to be trying to make political hay out of Mr. Garn's painful and personal circumstances. I am with David Litvak, the House Minority leader, when he says that Mr. Garns confession was so "unprecedented" that pointing fingers is "a bit unfair".

Mr. Hansen does make an excellent point. When he is not called on to the floor to comment, his voice, and therefore those of his constituents, is not heard. It is sad commentary indeed to see that his relationships with House leadership are so strained. I don't know of any other lawmakers that are ignored by leadership. Clearly, they must find his comments of little value to the body. It is a representative's responsibility to foster relationships, even with those he may disagree with, so that work can be accomplished in behalf of his constituents.

In any case, I look forward to being heard often when elected. I certainly will work with leadership to get things done for the people I will represent.

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