Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Caucus Meeting Roundup

We had the privilege of holding the local precinct caucus meeting out our home yesterday.  I have to say that we had quite a turnout.  Sixteen of our neighbors showed up to participated.  Last time we held a precinct caucus meeting we had only seven folks showed up and I was elected Precinct Chair, County Delgate, and State Delegate while also running for office.  Fortunately, we were able to get other neighbors to participate and elected several different folks to the Chair and Delegate positions this year.

It was great to see democracy work at the grass roots level.  The State delegate position was contested by three individuals.  We had a tie between two of them on our first round of voting.  I offered the candidates an opportunity for a 30 second stump speech.  One of them prevailed in the final vote. 

These meetings are so important to the foundations of our government and community.  I would encourage everyone to participate in their neighborhood caucus meetings in 2012.

FYI: Nobody in our meeting supported Bob Bennett. 

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