Wednesday, November 15, 2017

VIDEO: National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Heard at Committee

Today I presented my proposal to have Utah join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact at the Government Operations Interim Committee.

Here is video of the powerpoint presentation with audio from my remarks and the committees questions:

The bill will be heard again at the Government Operations Standing Committee in the up coming 2018 General Session.


  1. Please rethink your proposal to follow the trend of uninformed Americans regarding popular vote. I believe the Founding Fathers were visionaries when they implemented the electoral college. I don't want California, New York or Texas for that matter, determining who the president is and leaving the heartland of America without a voice. Come on, really.

  2. Lynn, thank you for taking time to read this blog. There are more that may answer your concerns about this issue. I just want you to know I have taken an enormous amount of time to inform myself on this issue. Under our current system (which is not the one the Founders set up because they did not envision a party system nor state based winner-take-all rules) the Heartland has NO VOICE. The only states that have a voice are battleground states. So presently Florida, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Michigan speak and heartland states, including Utah, are ignored.


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