Monday, January 9, 2017

UTAH JOURNOS: Herbert Must Go Hog Wild With Power

As the wind-up to the 2017 General Session begins in earnest, many commentators are pitching their vision for how Governor Herbert should wield his Executive Scepter.  Both veteran reporter Bob Bernick and newly knighted Trib columnist Robert Gerhke (vote Gerhke!) have chimed in with an earful of advise:


The desire presented by both of these venerable journalists is that our good Governor should spend his political capitol like a drunken sailor.  While a lot of Democrats I know would pay money to see our Governor drunk or dressed up as a sailor, neither is likely any time...ever.  

But, for him to spend his political capitol in such a way is even less likely.  I have had my differences in how I thought the Governor should handle certain issues.  Yet, I have come to terms with who he is and how he governs.  He is a measured man who is not quick to harsh judgement.  This in many activist circles translates into 'boring'.  But, voters (outside Salt Lake City) don't elect activists.  They elect people who will govern, and sometimes that means piloting a steady course.  After all, gentle winds move mighty ships.  

However, I have to admit it's a lot of fun being an arm-chair general and telling others how they should do their job.  In fact, I think Bernick and Gerhke need to wield their mighty pens to focus on avant-garde poetry and crossword puzzles.  I am sure its a wining formula for could it not be?

While we are waiting for my journalistic advice to be taken, let's watch for a deliberative and thoughtful Governor to speak to the issues facing us and focus Utah on remaining one of the best managed State's in the Union (by signing all of my bills this year.)

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  1. He's always been wild with power. That is precisely how our public education system went from passable to the toilet--all during his administration, with him controlling who gets on the State School Board. He, in turn is controlled by the anti-family tech industry.
    The SAGE testing and technology in our schools serves the data collection people well--just not parents, children, or even teachers.


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