Sunday, October 9, 2016

American Anguish: Looking in the Presidential Mirror

Like many of you, I am still reeling from the recent released recordings of Donald Trump's so-called 'locker room' conversation with a fawning and complicit host of a magazine TV show.  As the son of a mother, the husband of a wife, and the father of four daughters, I condemn his remarks in the strongest possible terms.  They are unbecoming of a true man and reflect the untamed sexual constraints of an immature adolescent.

Of course, the horror is increased by the fact they come from a candidate for President...supposedly my candidate for President.  The race at the top of the ticket has become a cloud of confusion and disorientation.  But, what is clear to me is that I cannot in good conscience vote for Mr. Trump.
So what will I do?  This may be the only time (we can only pray) I have to choose "None Of The Above".

Adding to the anguish of this race is understanding what it means for us as a country.   Our system is designed to be representative.  Our elected officials reflect the views and sentiments of those who voted them into office.  So, as we look at our two Presidential candidates, a majority of each political party is reflected by them.  I am deeply troubled by what I see.  Do the Political Parties even recognize themselves in the mirror?

On one hand we have a crude and amoral business man who is as sensitive as a toilet seat.  On the other hand we have a wickedly corrupt woman whose graft and self-dealing is reminiscent of the decline of Rome.  The distillation process of the primaries has reduced us to these two unsavory options and we have only ourselves to blame.  It is time for us to do some soul searching on what our Parties stand for and whom will be the standard bearer of those principles.  We will never fail when we place our faith in principles over people.        

In the meantime, may God bless all of us as we move forward with uncertainty.

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