Tuesday, July 12, 2016

VIDEO: Kaysville City Council Conflageration

KSL recently reported on fireworks at a Kaysville City Council meeting.  The drama surrounds a freshman city councilman's use of a city credit card to fix his personal firetruck for use in the city parade.

This situation is where of a rookie mistake has collided with a city that does not have proper controls in place over its finances.  I am sure our State Auditor John "Frugal" Dougall would be interested in this story.

What makes things even more interesting is the theatrics of the city council meeting which were conveniently caught on video.  Councilman Adams (the guy in yellow) gets into a personal tirade against another councilman, breaches decorum, and otherwise makes the meeting ungovernable.  

You can watch the city council meeting meltdown here (fast forward to 4h 28m):

In this instance, I think the councilman needs to reimburse the city for the expense.  The city also needs to change its credit card policy to avoid this problem in the future.  In the meantime, its going to be very difficult for Councilman Adams to walk back this performance.  I expect more fireworks in the future.  

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  1. Looks like this one was cooking for some time. Reminds me of the caning of Charles Sumner!


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