Saturday, May 24, 2014

WSU Tracy Hall Science Building Groundbreaking

For the past several years, Weber State University has been petitioning the State for funds to build a new science building.  I had an opportunity to tour the facility back and I felt the urgency that they did in the matter.  The current science building I feel was used as the inspiration for the popular video game Half Life.

Screenshot from Half Life

Old WSU Science Building Classroom

The current building is in a very sad state of repair.  Its windowless corridors are also depressing.  You can read more about that here

Fortunately, this past Legislative Session, the new Tracy Hall was funded and we had an opportunity to participate in the ground breaking. 

Rendering of New WSU Science Building Under Construction

Governor Herbert and Weber State University President Charles Wight celebrate Tracy Hall Groundbreaking

WSU President Charles Wight has to be one of the most interesting persons in his line of work.  Here he is demonstrating the high explosive reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to the audience of dignitaries:

WSU's science and engineering programs are growing.  We look forward to the benefits our community will receive from educating even more students in important sciences.

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