Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Legalize Pot: UtahCARE Loves Nearly Nude Runners and LDS

I don't have TV in my house but there was a rumor on the street that I was mentioned on Channel 4 yesterday.  Sure enough I was.

Elizabeth Osbourne was interviewed and given time to explain what UtahCARE's mission and how they plan to go about collecting signatures at LDS General Conference and during the Undie Run.  The purpose of course is to place an initiative on the ballot to legalize pot in Utah.  In the last 30 seconds of the interview, she blasts my response to an email they sent.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

The House and Senate received a curious email at 1:43AM yesterday morning.  Here is what I received:

Hello Utah lawmakers and representatives! In honor of the 2013 LDS Church General Fall Conference, our group, UtahCARE, will be in the area to answer questions about the benefits of medical marijuana as well as to gather signatures necessary to place the issue up for a vote in 2014. Please see the attached Press Release and consider attending or sending any questions in a response to this e-mail or the contact information located below. Thank you for your time and consideration. UtahCARE Press Release 09302013

Gradi Jordan, Director UtahCARE

Utah Cannabis Awareness, Respect and Education

This email seemed a little odd.  The group was gathering in "honor" of LDS General Conference?  Ironic.  So, to point out the irony, I responded accordingly:

"Uh…so remind me again how your presence and movement honors LDS General Conference?  It's like the Quorum of the Seventy showing up in Nevada to honor Burning Man.  Makes no sense.  For congruity's sake, I suggest meeting in Pioneer Park on April 20th instead."
Of course, April 20th is the "420" holiday widely celebrated in marijuana aficionado circles as a day to light up.  And, Pioneer Park seems to be a popular hang out for those who support the holiday.  So, it only seemed appropriate to direct the petition gatherers to the place and time to achieve the greatest likely success for their efforts.    

Now, for the record, I will never vote to legalize marijuana.  It is a gateway drug and I believe the risks associated with its legalization far out weigh its benefits.  For those Utahn's who want to consume marijuana anyway, I suggest planning a trip to Colorado.


  1. I don't have a problem with doctor prescribed medical marijuana. Are you against that?

    1. To respond to your question, here is a conversation we had on Facebook about this subject:

      Connor Boyack: Are you saying that you would vote against legislation that would narrowly legalize medically regulated cannabis derivatives?

      Me: Connor, I am opposed to Colorado and Washington variety laws on marijuana. Doctors issuing high-CBD/low-no THC tinctures that are a derivative of a cannabis plant is a different matter. In fact, we have a definition problem already with this debate because people interchange the definitions of different words used to describe different varieties and uses for marijuana/cannabis/hemp. When we talk about derivatives, we are talking about something different entirely from what is conventionally thought of when discussing marijuana in general. Also, when this spokesperson says "We want to put into our bodies what we think is good for our bodies", that is a pretty broad and open statement. I could say that opiates are good for me because if I don't take them the withdrawals are horrible and physically disabling. Or, meth is good, it makes me thin and energetic. We know THC is the psychoactive part of marijuana. The plant itself could be made inert for other useful purposes. That is fine. What I have a problem with is abuse or recreational use. To me, the medical marijuana argument, as presented by this particular spokesperson, appears to be the camel inching its nose under the tent to widely legalize marijuana's use. That is a non-starter for me. So, we proceed with extreme caution.

  2. Right with you on this one, Jeremy. Just because something can be billed as "natural" doesn't necessarily make it good! Thanks for sticking up for higher values!

  3. She might have responded better if you said Liberty Park?? Pioneer Park seems to be so close to the homeless shelter and attracts people in that demographic, not all demographics. Ever spend a Sunday afternoon at Liberty? All types of demographics are comfortable there.

  4. Thank you Mr Petersen. All Marijuana is not the same. It is one thing to legalize tinctures and quite another to legalize generic Marijuana. Thank you for sticking to the real subject.

  5. Ignorance really must be bliss. Allowing people to suffer needlessly because of what you "believe" (not what has been proven) just gives us all the more motivation to vote for someone to replace you.


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