Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Modern Communism: Is China's Political System Better than America's?

I recently watched this very interesting TED talk from a Berkley educated communist apologist.  I highly recommend this video:

While I don't agree with his assertion that China's system is the best on earth, it is very interesting to get a peek inside their political system to understand their perspective and world view.  It once again reiterates to me the marvel of America's existence, the miracle of our system, and the gratitude we should have for the rights and liberties we enjoy here.

However, I do concur with his assessment that American-style democracy is not right for everyone.  Our system came into being for very different reasons than other nation's systems.  Compelling our system on other nations who are not prepared for the responsibility that comes with it is an exercise in futility.  


  1. Many of our current word troubles stem from trying to change other nations who are not ready. It is better to lead others by example than by a chain.

  2. This man does not appear to denigrate democracy, merely assert that other political forms exist, and can possibly succeed. My concern is that more and more people in our democracy feel that because of our historical problems, a change away from democracy (more correctly a republic) is desirable because we apparently cannot totally solve our problems. I say, keep trying!


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