Wednesday, May 29, 2013

RADICALS: Legislature Becomes Extremely Moderate

The scorecards are in and the rankings are out on who is conservative and who is not.  First Place awards go to my friend Marc Roberts from Santaquin. The Kaboose Award goes to my friend Mark Wheatley who keeps trying but just can't seem to get the votes right to improve his conservative rating.  We will be holding some remedial training to help him over the interim.

Meanwhile, as the Trib reports, the rest of us appear to occupy this room temperature middle ground.  Are we all milktoast?  Or thoughtful managers of the people's business?  I guess it depends on your perspective.

As always, if you want to know where I stand on an issue, all you have to do is ask.  You can CONTACT ME, anytime.

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  1. The funny thing about being in the middle, which is where I see myself, is that those on both extremes see you as a radical of the opposite end. I think it is a good place to be and represents the silent majority of the populace. Congrats on being so close to smack center at 54%!


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