Saturday, May 26, 2012

VIDEO: Utah Highway Patrol DUI Blitz - Memorial Day 2012

The Utah Highway Patrol invited me to ride along with them on their Memorial Day Weekend DUI Blitz this year.  I accepted their offer.

I found the experience very enlightening.  I have to pay tribute to these men and women who execute the laws that we write and deal with many uncomfortable, unpleasant, and often dangerous situations.  It helped remind me of  the importance of writing meaningful and equitable laws.  The whims of the Legislature can have significant consequences for those who enforce our laws and those they are being enforced upon.

I created a video of my experience:


My ride began in the K-9 unit and after our first DUI bust, I was transferred to another vehicle to continue our evening's pursuit.  Thank you to the officers that put up with my longwindedness and persistent questions.  It was a fascinating experience and a great diversion that educated me at the same time.

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