Monday, January 23, 2012

The Thomas Paine Common Sense Caucus

A group of of my colleagues on the Hill have made headway to form a new caucus on the Hill.  We are calling it the Thomas Paine Common Sense Caucus.  It's origins stem from the desire to have ample information on bills and also provide insight on their impact to the State on several different levels.

Today, when a bill is created, a fiscal note is attached to the bill and it shows the impact that the bill will have on state government revenue and expenses, local government revenue and expenses, and personal and business revenue and expenses.  One of the main thrusts of the caucus is to expand that scope to understand more than just the monetary impact.  The exact formula is still being honed but the caucus wants to have research done that produces "Impact Notes" showing the effect on family status, small businesses, and other socio-economic perspectives.  The caucus has hired an auxiliary intern to assist with research.

I have joined the caucus as have many of my colleagues.  Look for more news on this front as the caucus matures and starts producing interesting data on various bills.

Here's to Common Sense!

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