Monday, October 3, 2011

Introducing Utah House District 9 Version 2.0

The votes were cast and with only one dissenting vote by a Democratic legislator, the new Utah House Map was passed into law this evening.

This is the map of the new District 9.  It will encompass a significant portion of Downtown Ogden but also now spreads west where a lot of the population growth occurred in Weber County. It will include the communities of West Haven and a portion of Roy.   

I look forward to meeting the voters of these neighborhoods and establishing new relationships with the residents of these communities. 

Welcome to District 9!


  1. Jeremy - so which weber cty legislator lost his position?

  2. Rep Brad Galvez in West Haven will be pitted against Rep. Lee Perry of Brigham City. Western Weber county was lumped into a giant district that includes Brigham City and Mantua. Fortunately, due to population growth projections, the seat will remain a Weber County seat because Weber Co. will grow faster than Box Elder Co. As the new Weber/Box Elder hybrid district is currently constituted, 20,000 residents are in Weber and 10,000 in Box Elder.

  3. Thanks for catching that! Big difference in meaning. The post actually is more interesting with the original spelling I think. Ha!


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