Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mr. Peterson's Portraits: Little People Art

Yesterday my 4-year old daughter was drawing some interesting characters.  After looking at her work, I told her "You need to draw a picture of your dad."  Well, it appears that my other daughters heard me say that. When I returned from visiting another congregation today, my wife informed me that our daughters had each rendered their depictions of me during sacrament meeting.

Portrait # 1
Spider Legs Dad by Esther Peterson (Age 3)

Notice the grumpy mouth.  Esther explained that I was mad at her in this picture.  She must have been remembering me during her bedtime when she routinely gets out her toys and runs around after we turn the lights out.  Yes, dad does get grumpy when that happens.

Portrait # 2
T-Shirt Dad by Sophie Peterson (age 4)

Sophie was the one I originally asked to draw a picture of me.  I was a bit confused because it looks like I am wearing a dress or a moo moo.  Sophie explained "Dad is wearing a T-shirt."  It appears that she confused me with her because when I give Sophie my T-shirts to wear for pajamas, this is what they look like on her...not me.  The letter "A" was a mystery also.  When we asked what it stood for she said "It stands for AAAAAH!"

Portrait # 3
?????? by Wynnie Peterson (age 7)

No questions were asked and no explanation was offered by our daughter Wynnie.  I am glad my teeth seem to be in good shape...all of them.

Portrait #4
Podium Pounding Papa by Hannah Peterson (age 9)

Obviously the most life like and proportional.  Hannah said "Here you go dad!", handed this to me and ran off.

I will take a crack at drawing pictures of them and posting them in the future.  We'll see who gets the last laugh.

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