Monday, July 18, 2011

Ogden School District vs. UEA - KSL SUNDAY

The Ogden School District performance pay debate continues...

Bruce Lindsay does an excellent job asking pointed and direct questions.  Superintendent Zabriskie does an excellent job handling those questions.  In trying to get her message across, Ms. Gallagher-Fishbaugh seems to become mired in legal jargon that was probably lost on most of the audience.   (Click Segment 2 to watch) 

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It appears that the Ogden Education Association was asleep at the wheel while allowing the teachers to operate without a contract this past school year.  The union seems to recognize the implications of that mistake and is now demanding a last minute renegotiation.  I am curious how this dynamic would appear if the School District and UEA changed seats.  Would the UEA be as amenable to watering down its negotiating advantage as it is asking the Ogden School District to be today?

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  1. It is unfortunate that some vocal teachers and residents just do not understand or have not read the contract.


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