Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Legoland Logic: Redistricting Committee Compels Weber County To Eat Its Young

I received a copy of the map proposed for the new Weber County House district boundaries.

The orange boundary is my current District 9.  The new proposed district is white.  As you can see, the new lines are a dramatic change from our existing district.  The district would cross Harrison Blvd. at 33rd Street and take in everying east and south of Harrison to consume the remainder of District 10.

Which, by the way, places freshman Representative Dixon Pitcher and I in the unenviable position of living in the same district if this map is adopted.  Obviously, we both can't be elected as the Republican candidate for our district at the County convention next year.

It is still early and nobody knows if this map will be adopted or how Dixon and I will respond if it is.  However, I do hear rumors that Dixon is exploring a presidential run and I will back him up 100% on that endeavor! -grin-

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