Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Committee Assignments: Made to Order

I received my committee assignments from Speaker Lockhart today.  Here they are:

Transportation - Standing Committee
Given the importance that transportation will be playing in Ogden in the future, I asked to be placed on this committee.

Political Subdivisions - Standing Committee
Although not a super glamorous committee assignment, I asked to be placed on this committee to help gain perspective on our State's current political system and how its division affects policy and operations.

Economic Development, Business and Labor - Appropriations Subcommittee
This is an exciting committee assignment.  This will give Ogden a front row seat at opportunities for economic development and growth as they become manifest to our committee.  You will likely be hearing a lot from me about opportunities that arise from this committee assignment.

And finally, if you want to see where I will be sitting, here is a map of the House Chamber (click to enlarge):

Freshmen typically sit on the front row.   My seat is the yellow box.

Fun factoid: I will also happen to be the second most youthful Legislator to serve in the House this next term. 

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  1. Every class I've ever been in the smartest guys sit in front. Good for you Jeremy - Glad they recognize your abilities!


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