Monday, May 10, 2010

Candidate Survey: National Right To Work

I recently received a questionnaire from the National Right to Work Committee. Two of the issues facing states right now are bulging pensions and increasing public employee payrolls. Despite the contraction in the private sector with jobs and payrolls, it seems in many states across America, the public payrolls have grown larger.

This is unfortunate because it is taxes from private industry that pay for public employee benefits.

Worker's unions played a significant roll in balancing the work vs. quality-of-life dilemma that was being addressed during the turn of the 20th century. Thanks to the unions we have a 5-day work week, Labor Day, and a myriad of other quality of life enhancing practices that are part of our work environment.

However, since most of the 19th century labor abuses have been solved, the unions seem to be falling into irrelevance. Some of the issues now being pushed by unions are now simply out of line with benefiting society and have more to do with benefiting union power than anything else.

The National Right to Work Questionnaire addresses a few of those issues. Here are my responses:

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