Saturday, March 17, 2018

WHO ARE THEY? Candidates for House District 9

When looking across all the races for office this year, it is exciting to see so many people throw their hat in the ring to do some good for their community.  With my late retirement announcement last Thursday, I was initially nervous that nobody would have sufficient time to ponder the decision to run for office.  Fortunately, many were already thinking about how they could apply their talents in behalf of the rest of us well before my announcement.  With the filing period closed now, the candidates names are known.

I reached out to each of the potential Republican candidates for my replacement and asked them to craft a brief biography to share.  I thought posting this would help delegates and voters in District 9 hear the candidates in their own voice and help them get a feel for who the candidates are before Caucuses convene next week.

I know most of these candidates personally and I will be withholding an endorsement for the time being.

Here are the contenders (in their own words) presented in alphabetical order.

Emily Beeli

Emily Beeli is a Utah Wife and Homeschool mother. As she raised her children she was inspired to delve into the history of the founding of America and learn about the groundbreaking principles of Liberty and Individuality that empowered the courageous colonists to develop the system we live in today.

 Emily has always striven to be an educated and involved citizen; but it wasn't until 2011 when her daughter got involved in the Teenage Republicans, that Emily began to learn more about the proper role of government and the unique caucus system that we have here in Utah. As she learned more about America's founding principles that set us apart from the entire world; Emily began to notice more fundamental concerns with the way current politicians are making decisions and asserting their authority in Utah. In an attempt to better educate our leaders on the authority of the State. Emily organized several events where Legislators had the opportunity to receive training on the Sovereignty and role of the State in restraining the Federal Government.

After getting involved with many political action teams and even forming her own "Liberty Forum" group, Emily has served as a delegate and has now decided to run for a state position.

Adrean Eads

Adrian William Eads is a 36-year-old male who is running for the Utah House of Representatives for the 9th District. I have been a lifelong resident of the State of Utah. I currently reside in the Trolley District in Ogden and have been in my current house for almost nine years. I bleed purple and have graduated with both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from Weber State University. I have been married for almost 18 years to my high school sweetheart, Starcia. Together we have seven children and are currently foster parents to two great kids. We have been foster parents for over 10 years and have adopted four amazing children who were unable to go home to their parents. I am employed by Adult Probation and Parole and have been a correctional officer, probation/parole officer, and currently am responsible for supervising staff. I take the safety of our community seriously and am proud to serve as a law enforcement officer in our community. I believe contributing to our community is important and currently serve as a Girl Scout leader, Cub Scout leader, and am on the Board of Trustees for the Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership.

I believe the safety of our community is paramount. To that end I commit to work on legislation which will make our community, Weber County, and the State of Utah safer. I believe individuals who victimize our community need to be held responsible for their actions. In 2015, the Justice Reinvestment Initiative was passed; however, it currently lacks an effective treatment component and therefore offenders are being released back into the community without addressing their underlying issues. Next, I believe we need to provide for the next generation and help raise our workforce. To accomplish this I look forward to assisting to improve our schools, expand choices for parents, incentivize teachers/schools who are exceeding standards, and helping to make sure adults have the training/education needed to support themselves and draw new employers to Weber County. Finally, I plan to work with law enforcement, treatment providers, medical professionals, stakeholders, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to combat the opioid epidemic. I commit to only introducing legislation which can be shown to have a direct effect/impact on our community.

Mary Khalaf

Mary Khalaf is a wife, mother, former Federal Officer, cancer survivor & civil rights activist with a deep commitment to the Constitutional principles that have shaped the American experience. Mary has operated The Khalaf House, which serves the wellness needs of the community, for over a decade.

Mary entered politics after seeing the Planned Parenthood videos which greatly affected her as a former patient who almost had an abortion based upon the lies of an immoral corporation propped up by corrupt politicians.

Mary has a passion for fighting for the common individual who is over regulated, over taxed & under represented. If elected you can count on Mary doing all she can to help shape Utah’s future with integrity, hard work & honesty.

Recipient Activist of the Year 2017 by Americans for Prosperity for her commitment to fighting taxes.

Cal Musselman

Calvin Musselman was raised from the time he was nine years old in southeastern Utah. He loved growing up in the small town of Monticello and thrived in a small-town upbringing. While growing up he fell in love with Utah’s unique outdoors and the recreational opportunities it provides. To this day Calvin counts himself privileged to call Utah home. During his junior year of high school, he enlisted in the Utah Army National Guard with the 1457th Engineer Battalion. Directly after graduating high school he was sent to basic training in Fort Leonard Missouri where he also completed his advanced individual training as a 62 echo (heavy equipment operations). He then attended and graduated from Dixie State College in St. George Utah. Shortly after graduating from Dixie State College he attended the University of Utah, majoring in geology, until he was activated into full time military service for Desert Storm.

Upon returning home from Desert Storm he married a girl he had been dating since Dixie College that just happened to be from West Haven named Dawnell Anderson. They have been married nearly 27 years and have 4 wonderful children. Cal and Dawnell have not only been equal partners in their marriage but have been equal partners in their small business for over 20 years. Shortly after being married they lived in Ogden on Orchard Avenue just off 21st street. From Ogden they moved to Roy then to West Haven where they still live today. All three of their homes in their married life have been right in the heart of District 9 where they have developed a deep love for the people and area they call home.

Calvin has always been dedicated to his country, his state, his home towns, and the people in them. Whether it was his military service, coaching youth sports, volunteering at his kids’ schools, his deep dedication to his faith, or sacrificing his time to serve his professional vocation he has always served. He now wants to take all the life lessons he has received through a life of service to dedicate his time for those that live in his community at the Utah State Legislature. If elected, Calvin is dedicated to uphold the constitution, fight for small business, improved public education, improved economic development in Weber County, and more government transparency. Calvin is a lifelong member of the Republican Party and fully supports the Republican Party platform of limited government.


So there you have it.  I will see you at Caucus on Tuesday next week!


  1. Great that you did this Jeremy. Thanks for going the extra mile!

  2. Frank Maughan, LTC(ret), US ArmyMarch 19, 2018 at 8:22 PM

    I am sorry to see you leave the legislature. You were a great friend to veterans of all the wars of the 20th and 21st centuries.
    Best to you and yours, Sir.


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