Sunday, December 18, 2016

BILL FILE: HB23 - The Phase Out of Solar Tax Credits

The much anticipated solar tax credit bill that passed our Revenue and Taxation Interim committee by an overwhelming margin is now numbered and ready to be heard on the House Floor early in the 2017 General Session.  However, the story isn't over.  The Solar Industry was distraught with the flogging they received at the hands of the committee.  Yet, even though the lashing they received for "slow walking" the Legislature was well deserved, our good faith desire for stakeholder involvement still persists.

A stakeholder meeting will be held the first or second week of January to identify any final unexplored common ground between the industry and Legislature.  This will be a last chance meeting of willing minds and it is my hope that the solar industry brings some smart and helpful ideas to the table.

Look for more on this issue as the Legislature prepares to convene in late January.