Friday, April 28, 2017

Weber GOP Organizing Convention 2017

Weber County GOP Delegates met to elect new executive and legislative district leadership.

We went through several rounds of balloting to reach a verdict.  Here are the results:

Chair- Lynda Pipkin
Vice Chair - Chris Jenkins
Secretary - Linsey Ohlin
Treasurer - Stu Jensen

Chair - Matt Westrich
Vice Chair - Doug Nandell
Secretary - Libby Shelton
Treasurer - Rosalie Beeli

Congrats to the winners!  It is a labor of love to work in the party and we all appreciate their efforts.

RAILROADED: Our Historic Locomotive Ride to Ogden With Union Pacific

Union Pacific recently brought one of the last operating steam engine trains to Ogden for display.  To bring more attention to the event, they invited dignitaries from Northern Utah to ride along with them from Brigham City to Ogden.  It was a fun experience.

The train depot on Forest Rd. in Brigham City is beautifully preserved.  

Many folks came to learn more about railroad history.

We rode on a 1950's era train car with 360 degree views.  I was impressed with the spaciousness of the train car (and the leg room).

We arrived at Ogden's Historic Union Station to a throng of onlookers, media, and railroad enthusiasts.  However, the experience did leave one unanswered question in my mind.  The Frontrunner station was placed two blocks to the north bypassing Union Station.  Why wasn't Union Station used? 

In my view, we need to look at a plan to return Union Station back into full time use.  Obviously, it's not something that can be done easily, but something that is definitely worth it.  Restoring Union Station to full time use would restore the natural rhythms of Ogden's Historic 25th St. and make Ogden a more welcoming destination from across the Wasatch Front.