Sunday, May 28, 2017

Of Death, Dying, and Our Memorial

Death is an immovable force.  It punctuates our life experience and renders it complete.  It terminates our life work and delivers it ready for judgement by peers and posterity.  Some die in glory and honor while others pass in ignominy.  Sadly, most of us expire in anonymity.

Annually, we honor our progenitors and our protectors who have gone before us.  Our veterans died for a cherished idea we call America.  Our police men died to protect the law and order that binds our society together.  Our firefighters died protecting lives and livelihoods.  They have all offered up their bodies as a sacrifice in our stead.

Whether it be early or late, there will be no escape for us from death's reach.  Thus, the inevitability of our physical demise begs the question of us all.  What is worth dying for?

In the final analysis, God, family, and country are the pillars that elevate a death regardless of its timing; and, it is these same pillars which form the foundation of what makes life worth living.

On this Memorial Day, may we ponder the lives of those who have gone before us.  If we must ever risk our own lives, let be said of us that our valor was noble and our causes just.  If we are privileged to live out our lives in peace, may generations hence speak of our good deeds.  Such is said of all those who dedicate their lives to honorable and worthy pursuits.